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Sexy curves through sport!

I have Italian blood flowing in me and therefore I already have a curvy body and a lot of temperament from disposition. I love my curves, but I also want to shape and tighten them beautifully - I can only do this through hard training and a healthy diet. The products of my sponsor Scitec, which I warmly recommend to everyone, help me in this. Looking naked better and getting many compliments in a bikini on the beach as well as on the street, I enjoy very much. Which girl doesn't want that? That's why I've put together a plan for you here, which will help you to get a little bit more out of your curves and to shape a firm body in 8 weeks. The focus is on abdominal legs buttocks. The 8 WEEK CURVES TRAINER is a BBP program that has it all! I'm sure you'll be able to reach your dream body. There's a fighting spirit in every one of us. Let's go!


On Cardiotag you can have fun in the gym as well as outside on the street or in the field. Find out what you like best - jogging, cycling or maybe the StairMaster? To give you a little kick, if it gets too monotonous on a straight track or if you just need to motivate yourself, I can highly recommend the HIIT. HIIT is called High Intensity interval training and means that you will work at full throttle for 30 seconds during your endurance session and then restart breathing at a moderate pace for one minute. This combination of short sprint and moderate running will be integrated in your training alternately. It doesn't matter if you are jogging or cycling. With this method, 30 minutes are enough to get the cardiovascular system going at full speed and to stimulate fat burning.

Alternatively, you can add an interval unit every few minutes to your normal endurance training and increase the pace or incline for example for 2-3 minutes, then continue running at a normal pace for a few minutes. It is only important that you always remain in motion, so that your circulation is activated continuously and you do not cool down. At the end of the game you should run out slowly in a cool-down of about 5 minutes.

As a little hint I can also recommend you to stretch yourself a little after the endurance unit. This will loosen up your muscles nicely, have a good body feeling and prevent possible strains or muscle cramps.

Valeria Ammirato


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