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Valeria Ammirato Training

Sexy Kurven durch Sport!

In mir fließt italienisches Blut und ich habe daher aus Veranlagung schon einen kurvigen Körper plus eine Menge Temperament. Ich liebe meine Kurven, aber will sie auch schön formen und straffen – das schaffe ich nur durch hartes Training und eine gesunde Ernährung. Dabei helfen mir vor allem die Produkte meines Sponsors Scitec, welche ich allen wärmstens empfehle. Nackt besser aussehen und sowohl im Bikini am Strand als auch auf der Straße viele Komplimente zu bekommen, genieße ich sehr. Welches Mädchen wünscht sich das nicht? Darum habe ich hier einen Plan für euch zusammengestellt, der euch hilft in 8 Wochen ein bisschen mehr eure Kurven zum Vorschein zu bringen und einen straffen Körper zu formen. Der Fokus dabei liegt auf Bauch Beinen Po. Der 8 WEEK CURVES TRAINER ist ein BBP-Programm, das es in sich hat! Ich bin mir sicher, dass du deinen Traumkörper erreichen kannst. In jedem von uns steckt eine Kämpfernatur. Los geht’s!


The perfect training plan for a beautiful body

What exactly should the plan look like? I've put together a split-training for you. Split means that you train different muscle parts on different days of the week. In my plan I proceed as follows: BEINE - UPPER BODY - PO/BEINE

So you always have enough time to do several exercises and after a day break in between your muscles feel the same much more fit to be used!

My training focuses on legs and buttocks. On the two leg days, the thigh muscles and the buttocks are optimally strained by various exercises.

For the upper body I have planned only one day, here I have put together some exercises with super sets for you, so that on this day the upper body is correctly powered out.

More effective training with advanced techniques

Training with super sets means that within a set, two muscles are strained directly one after the other without a break. As a rule, this is the way to train agonists and antagonists (players and opponents). For example, I do a biceps triceps superset, biceps = arm flexor and triceps = arm extensor. Another variation for a superset is a combination of two exercises for the same muscle group, where the muscles are hit from a different angle. Thus, the strain on the muscle is different and the training is more effective.

As important hints, I'll tell you beforehand: the most important thing is a clean movement. You can easily get injured by using an unclean technique. Rather take a light weight at the beginning, let a trainer show you the exercise or go to the gym with a friend who will give you feedback on your posture. Only if the technique is right can you put more weight on it in the next step.

Finding the optimal training split

The training is planned for 3 days a week, I myself go to the gym a little more often and do a cardio workout every morning. For beginners, however, 3 days a week is sufficient. Watch your body and don't strain it too much. Going to the gym every day right at the beginning will not make you reach your goal "faster", but can rather cause you to lose your motivation more quickly. Give yourselves and your body time to get used to the change. Rest days are just as important as training days, because the muscle needs regeneration in order to be fully resilient again during the next training session.
I always pay attention to my body during training and do not follow a strict plan. If I notice that I have more strength in one day, then I take higher weights. I like to vary and see what is good for my body. Even a little sore muscles feel good to feel what you have done.

Loss of weight through strength and endurance training

If your goal is to lose weight, I would advise you to do both strength training and endurance training. Strength training also allows your body to burn calories while you are still at rest, while you only burn what you're "running down". Endurance training is the fastest way to reduce your body weight, but at the same time you lose more muscle mass and reduce your daily basal metabolic rate of kilocalories (later on diet more). You would have to save more in your diet to keep your weight on a permanent basis.

When you combine strength and endurance training with each other, you will lose fat through strength training on the one hand and endurance training on the other. Weight training means more musculature, more musculature means that your metabolism works faster and the basal metabolic rate increases. The result is that you can eat more and stay slim.

But beware: Even if this sounds like strength training is the magic formula, you should always include a few endurance units in your training plan, because a good endurance is very important for everyday life and health.


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