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Veleria Ammirato Supplementierung

Sexy Kurven durch Sport!

In mir fließt italienisches Blut und ich habe daher aus Veranlagung schon einen kurvigen Körper plus eine Menge Temperament. Ich liebe meine Kurven, aber will sie auch schön formen und straffen – das schaffe ich nur durch hartes Training und eine gesunde Ernährung. Dabei helfen mir vor allem die Produkte meines Sponsors Scitec, welche ich allen wärmstens empfehle. Nackt besser aussehen und sowohl im Bikini am Strand als auch auf der Straße viele Komplimente zu bekommen, genieße ich sehr. Welches Mädchen wünscht sich das nicht? Darum habe ich hier einen Plan für euch zusammengestellt, der euch hilft in 8 Wochen ein bisschen mehr eure Kurven zum Vorschein zu bringen und einen straffen Körper zu formen. Der Fokus dabei liegt auf Bauch Beinen Po. Der 8 WEEK CURVES TRAINER ist ein BBP-Programm, das es in sich hat! Ich bin mir sicher, dass du deinen Traumkörper erreichen kannst. In jedem von uns steckt eine Kämpfernatur. Los geht’s!


Supplements are dietary supplements that support your body's nutrition. Especially during sports, your body should always be sufficiently supplied with nutrients and your muscles should be protected.

There are a variety of supplements and some people say that they are the only ones that release your power and energy, find the magic formula to lose weight, and much more. You don't have to listen to any of this.

I only take a few basic supplements, as they really help my body in the areas of health, muscle building and regeneration. My favorite Supps from my sponsor, Scitec-Nutrition, I'll introduce you to:

One more hint in advance: on the topic of supplements you will find a lot of useful tips in the YouTube- series Fitness Education by ShapeYou.

Supplements in the morning:

5g Bcaa’s: Amino acids that support you during training and provide good muscle protection. Why are they important?

Amino acids are the building blocks that make up a protein. Your body needs a total of 20 amino acids, of which the body can produce most of its own. But with some amino acids he needs some external support and that's where the BCAAs come into play. They provide three of these essential (i. e. not self-producible) amino acids. Its effect changes directly into the muscle tissue.

5g Glutamin: Glutamine is the amino acid most commonly found in the human body and therefore it is naturally an extremely important amino acid for the body. It primarily supports the development of muscle cells. In addition, the supply of glutamine to the body promotes the new production of skin cells and thus slows down skin aging.

Supplements after breakfast:

Vitamins: Like some amino acids, the body cannot produce its own vitamins and should therefore be supplied through the diet. Especially in the field of sports, the lack of essential vitamins can lead to a lower performance. In the form of supplements I take the vitamins C, E, B12.

Omega 3: Omega 3 fatty acids are essential unsaturated fatty acids, which are found in fish, for example. Since I don't eat fish every day, I supplement the Omega 3 additionally. Positive effects on the cardiovascular system are supported by the intake of Omega 3, hormone production is promoted and blood circulation is strengthened.

Supplements during training:

15g Vitargo: Vitargo is a carbohydrate source. Vitargo quickly replenishes the energy stores in the muscle cells and burdens the gastrointestinal tract only slightly. Vitargo is therefore suitable as a fast energy supplier directly before, during or directly after exercise.

5g Bcaa’s
See above

Supplements after training:

25g Vitargo
See above

5g Glutamin
See above

30g Iso Whey: Iso Whey is a super protein source. Whey protein is whey protein that ideally supports muscle growth. The special feature of Whey Isolate is that the protein is present in over 90% of its purest form. Before and after training, you should take good care of your body so that it is ready to build up muscles. For example, a shake can be used for this purpose.

Supplements before sleep:

CLA: CLA is an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid, which is mostly produced from modified safflower oil. Some of its positive effects are the promotion of fat loss and stabilization of blood sugar.

L-Carnitin: L-carnitine is a vitamin-like and important micronutrient for the body. In some cases it can be ingested through food, such as meat. However, I find an additional supplementation particularly useful for athletes, as L-carnitine is responsible for many biochemical processes, such as the support of fat burning during exercise.

Calcium-Magnesium: Calcium and magnesium are important minerals for the body. Intensive training causes some minerals to sweat out through the body, so it is important to bring them back to the body. Calcium and magnesium are important for many functions of the body, such as muscle tension and muscle relaxation. These minerals are also important for teeth and bones.

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