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Built by Ulisses Training

Ulisses Jr. der erfolgreichste MuscleMania Athlet aller Zeiten, das Idol vieler, eine Legende.

Ulisses vorsorgt seine Fans täglich mit Motivation via Facebook und Instagram. Aber wie sein persönlicher Trainingsplan aussieht, verrät er dabei nicht. Für ShapeYOU hat Ulisses sein Geheimnis gelüftet – in der Videoserie „BUILT BY ULISSES“ verrät er Tipps und Tricks im Bereich Training und Ernährung. Außerdem gibt er persönliche Einblicke über seinen Werdegang und die Herkunft seiner unendlichen Motivation.


Ulisses Jr Training

As the most people show interest to the trainingplan of Ulisses Jr., they want to know which exercises he makes with how much sets and reps and how he forms his workouts. Ulisses Jr. prefers an varied and alternately mixed training with varied exercises.

Training like a bodybuilder

Ulisses Jr. training resemble to that of a bodybuilder. He uses much weight and has his focus on a strength training in combination with super sets and drop sets with as much reps as possible until the muscle is finished.

Ulisses Jr. Training Split

Ulisses Jr. trains various muscle groups on varied days. His rest day normally falls on a sunday. On this day he relaxes, so he can start on Monday his leg training with full energy again.

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Ulisses Trainingtipp - 8 week focus on another muscle group

An important tipp of Ulisses Jr. is to have a "Wild Card Day". On this day you choose another muscle group you want to train and improve every 8 weeks. After these 8 weeks you decide for another muscle group.

Ulisses Jr. Trainingphilosophy

The total package has an important role. For Ulisses Jr. it is not significant, how much weight he lifts and what the maximal statistics are. He has other priorities. Proportions and the phisique are important in his eyes, because his goal is to be esthetic and strong as possible.

„We all want to be stronger. 99% of humankind, who train, want to look good - they want to be esthetical“. In the "BUILT BY ULISSES" Workout Plan it is about balance of the musculature and the ideal total package.

Everyone loves to train chest and arms. The back and the legs are rarely trained because this training is exhausting and unliked.

Ulisses Jr. Training

Ulisses Jr. 3 golden training rules

Again summed up:

  1. Make a Wild Card Day (One musclegroup trained twice a week for 8 weeks)
  2. Define your priorities
  3. Train the most exhausting muscle groups first in the week (Legs or Back)
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