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Built by Ulisses Motivation

Ulisses Jr. der erfolgreichste MuscleMania Athlet aller Zeiten, das Idol vieler, eine Legende.

Ulisses vorsorgt seine Fans täglich mit Motivation via Facebook und Instagram. Aber wie sein persönlicher Trainingsplan aussieht, verrät er dabei nicht. Für ShapeYOU hat Ulisses sein Geheimnis gelüftet – in der Videoserie „BUILT BY ULISSES“ verrät er Tipps und Tricks im Bereich Training und Ernährung. Außerdem gibt er persönliche Einblicke über seinen Werdegang und die Herkunft seiner unendlichen Motivation.


Motivation of Ulisses Jr.

Ulisses Jr. has an unique body. Many fans ask for his motivation, his endurance and how he could continue consequently this way for years.

One of the most asked question is, how he found himself in bodybuilding/fitness and if he already was active as athlete in highschool.

At that time he player soccer, football and more. He was quick but he wanted to be strong, too. The trainer told him that for being stronger he has to lift weights. He started with fitness so he could gain mass. He saw the boys who went to the gym daily and he knew that those boys were very popular at women.

Ulisses Jr. tried to go regularly to the studio to become stronger. He never was one who wanted to look like a bodybuilder. He also had no magazines with athletes. After six months he noticed differences on his body, what motivated him even more. He loved what he saw so he improved his body and modified it.

Ulisses Jr. and competitions

In highschool most boys only trained arms and chest to impress women. Legs and Back were rarely trained. Ulisses Jr. started to find his balance, for training all muscle groups equally, soon He was determined and wanted to learn more about fitness. He informed himself for nutrition and the optimation of the physique. He learned his body and noticed step by step, how he had to train to continue improving his body.

Ulisses Jr. loves training and only wanted to train until someone would suggest him to participate in competitions. He always was one of the narrowest in the group. He learned by the people how to pose and what to do to participate good on competitions.

Ulisses Jr. Motivation

Ulisses Jr. role models

Ulisses Jr. informed himself about bodybuilding and followed the career of his role models. He learned how they trained, how they posed and what they have done to be successful.

Legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sergio Oliva, Frank Zane and Sergio Nubret were his role models. Ulisses Jr. says, that everyone has to find out, which pose serves the best and what has to be improved.

Philosophy und Inspiration by Ulisses Jr.

A great incentive for Ulisses Jr. was to see, how he developed on the stage from year to year. Everything in life is about getting better. Ulisses Jr. loves to motivate and inspire others. His biggest motivation beside his successes is seeing such a high number of fans in his fanbase and his family. His wife and children are proud of him and respect for what he works and lives every day.

He gets many messages and email by fans with good feedback and motivating images, daily. The community is like a family. He thanks his fans, his friends and his team for the motivation and the great support. He is happy, that he is able to motivate and inspire others.

What motivates you? For what do you stand up? What are your goals. Find the great challenges in life that motivate you, day by day, year by year to work something out. "BUILT BY ULISSES" shows to you what you can reach with enough passion and determination.

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