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Trainingplan: Women

Women are here in the right section. Fitness athletes like Stephanie Davis, Cornelia Ritzke and Valeria Ammirato show to you their plans and favorite excercises. These plans are specially developed for fatburning and tautening, which includes bodybuilding.

Many women think, that fitness training and muscle gaining makes them look manlier, which is absolutely not the case. Without the correct substances women will never be muscle loaded as men or known bodybuilders.

Stephanie, Cornelia and Valeria have been making sports for a long time. Everyone has a well trained body which they show with pride. The bodies are taut and musculous without looking less female. Every woman can train and take the correct nutrition without worring about losing female appearance.

A popular plan is the Push, Pull, Leg Plan. It means that one has to train various muscle parts three times a week. More information what a 3 Day Split is, can be found here.


8 Week Curves Trainer

In the video series Curve Trainer Valeria Ammirato accompanies you with her training 8 weeks, showing you how to make your body more beautiful and and taut.

3 Days Workout Split (Push/Pull/Legs)


Workout Series Glamazon by Stephanie Davis

Fashion und fitnessmodel Stephanie Davis presents to you her Glamazon trainingplan. Train like the IFBB bikini fitness winner and be inspired.

3 Days Workout Split (Push/Pull/Leg)

Lean Body for Her

Know your level and your goal and find your perfect plan.

Stop Making Excuses Workout by Cornelia Ritzke

Fitnessmodel und personal trainer Cornelia Ritzke shows her plan how to train successfully.

Fullbody Workout Series for beginners and those with experiences

The Sexy Way

IFBB Teilnehmerin as well as bikini and fitnessmodel Nina Eckert presents to you her workout for getting the perfect body.

Split Workout Series with Cardio units
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