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Steve Cooc & Felix Valentino: Under the Wings Supplementation
It takes a lot of sweat, time and hard discipline in the gym if you want to achieve an athletic body. But it would be a bit easier when someone experienced would support you. This support you will get here soon in form of Steve Cook IFBB Pro Mens Physique Competitor, Optimum Nutrition athlete and Fitness Model and with ShapeYOU athlete and fitness model Felix Valentino. Both athletes will take you under their wings and tell about the basic issues in training, the lifestyle of a fitness model and show you how your next 12 weeks of workout should look like.

Learn from the pros how to improve you workout to get the maximum out of you.

Under the Wings Workout Series Supplementation

There are over thousand products on the supplementation market. Everyone promises that he has the special recipe which will make you strong as Hulk. – Forget about them!

Like the name supplement is telling you – those products are just an assistance for your normal every day nutrition. If you are working out a lot and you may have the goal to lose some weight supplements are so important. If you are dropping your calories to reduce your body fat, supplements help you to retain your muscle.

Or if you just don’t want to eat meat every day – it’s hard to keep the protein charge high – supplements will help you with that.

You must concentrate only on a few products – “basis-supplements”. Such products as whey protein, casein protein, amino acids and glutamine are part of my everyday supplement plan. The Optimum Nutrition Products I prefer are listed below. You can find the description to the products if you click on the names.


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