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Man kann schon sagen, dass ich eine kleine Partymaus bin. Ein schickes Kleid anziehen, rein in die High Heels und dann raus ins Nachtleben, einfach tanzen und Spaß haben – das beschreibt mich auf jeden Fall ganz gut. Und wenn sich die Leute im Club nach dir umdrehen, das ist schon ein cooles Gefühl und gibt eine Menge Selbstbewusstsein. Und das Schönste ist es doch ein Kompliment zu bekommen. Aber wer ein Kompliment bekommen möchte, muss es sich auch verdienen!

Darum geht es bei GLAMAZON! Mit viel Fleiß und Schweiß kann es jeder schaffen seinen Traumkörper zu bekommen und sich somit Komplimente zu verdienen.

Glamazon Training Plan by Stephanie Davis: Push Training


… means, on this day all "oppressive" exercises are on the program. This training is used to train chest, shoulders and triceps.

This training day is clearly not my favorite workout, but for a nice firm body it is important to train every large muscle group in a targeted way - as I said "generally balanced physique". Generally speaking, I can say that since I've been in the gym I've gotten a much better posture, body language and body feeling. This is an extremely important topic for me, because as a model you have to know how to put your body in the right light. In this respect, charisma and posture are just as important (or even more important) as a good athletic body.

As you can see, I recommend in my GLAMAZON training only training 3 times a week. I'm usually in the studio about 4-5 times, but as a hobby sport the training on every other day is sufficient. Especially beginners often make the mistake and think that an extreme amount of training will lead to the greatest possible success. However, it has been proven that too much training can also have the opposite effect. Every advanced athlete knows about this risk of overtraining, as it is called in the worst form. For this reason, I find the training 3 times a week, as described here, exactly right.

Let's go to the PUSHDAY!

If you have weaknesses (and we all definitely have them somewhere), it is a particular strength to work on improving in these areas. And even though I don't really like the Push Training, I am always very happy when I have done it afterwards.

Training: PUSH

Warmup 5-10 Minutes
  1. Bench press: 3 sets, 12 – 10 – 8 reps
    Pause between sets 60 seconds
  2. Flying with dumbbells: 3 sets, 12 – 10 – 8 reps
    Pause between sets 60 seconds
  3. Shoulder press on the device or with dumbbells: 3 sets, 12 – 10 – 8 reps
    Pause between sets 60 seconds
  4. Triceps Cable Pushdowns: 3 sets, 12 – 10 – 8 reps
    Pause between sets 60 seconds
  5. Side Lateral Raise: 3 sets, 12 – 10 – 8 reps
    Pause between sets 60 seconds

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