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Kennst du den Slogan “YOLO - You only live once”?! Natürlich kennst du den. Ich liebe dieses Motto, aber ich interpretiere es total anders als du vielleicht denkst. Ich weiß, dass ich nur einmal lebe und daher möchte ich das bestmögliche erreichen. Ich möchte ein gutes Leben leben und ich möchte gute Freunde haben. Ich möchte auch einen Einfluss auf die Leute haben, ihnen zeigen was im Leben alles möglich ist. Everything is possible. Du bist deines Glückes eigener Schmied. Ich möchte, dass die Leute mich als eine inspirierende Persönlichkeit in Erinnerung behalten. I want to #BeLEGEND!

#BeLEGEND Supplementation

Supplements / sports nutrition are a great addition to the diet. However, supplements alone will not bring the desired success. If you are eating healthy and you have a good balanced macronutrient balance supplements can help you to supply your body with macro and micro nutrients which are important for you as an athlete.

My Top 4

  1. Protein Powder:
    Like I said: 2 grams of protein per kg bodyweight is a good amount if you want to gain muscle. Protein is the building material of your muscles which is important for a good regeneration. I am having 6 solid meals a day but it’s difficult to eat a lot of protein all the time. Chicken and fish are good sources of protein but I also drink protein shakes to cover my daily requirements.

  2. Amino Acids:
    Protein is made out of amino acids. Glutamine and BCAAs are very important aminos for every athlete. They have an essential role for building muscle and for a fast recovery. Due to that reason I take glutamine and BCAAs in the morning. When I prepare for my workout I have a pre-workout drink and I always add glutamine and BCAAs to that. Also for my post-workout drink these aminos are good.

  3. Pre-Workout Booster:
    I always have a pre-workout drink before my workout. Sometimes I just have BCAAs, Glutamine and Carbs and sometimes I add some booster supplements to it. Beta-Alanine, arginine, creatine etc. supply your body with energy and help you to improve your performance at the gym. However, booster supplements are not for the daily workout. If I feel fresh and motivated I don’t need a booster.

  4. Vitamins and Minerals:
    These micronutrients are so important for your health. If you are eating a lot of fruits and vegetables it is probably not necessary for you to have these supplements. However, for me it’s important to add some of the micronutrients because I travel a lot and I am very busy often. I want to protect my body and so I take these supplements.

If you have any more questions about me, my training, nutrition or supplementation you can check out my profile on Instagram or Facebook. I am doing daily posts with advice. But never forget: most important to reach success is your motivation. Keep it up.

Sergi Constance

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