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Kennst du den Slogan “YOLO - You only live once”?! Natürlich kennst du den. Ich liebe dieses Motto, aber ich interpretiere es total anders als du vielleicht denkst. Ich weiß, dass ich nur einmal lebe und daher möchte ich das bestmögliche erreichen. Ich möchte ein gutes Leben leben und ich möchte gute Freunde haben. Ich möchte auch einen Einfluss auf die Leute haben, ihnen zeigen was im Leben alles möglich ist. Everything is possible. Du bist deines Glückes eigener Schmied. Ich möchte, dass die Leute mich als eine inspirierende Persönlichkeit in Erinnerung behalten. I want to #BeLEGEND!

#BeLEGEND Training

If you are advanced and still want to reach progress it is necessary to train pretty often. As a beginner it might be enough to train 3 days a week. However, I am going to the gym 6 times a week. My body is on a high level but I still want to move forward and develop myself. The only way to get better is to push myself to the limit every time.

I also change my workout when I want to get ripped. I do more cardio and more abs workout then. But if I want to put on mass I am not doing a lot of cardio because I want to put all my energy into my workouts and I want to lift heavy.
As you will see the Leg-workout is very important for me. Like everyone is training their upper body (chest and back) on two days a week I also train my legs twice a week. On the first day I keep the focus on my quads (front side of the legs) and on the other day I train my hamstrings (back side of the legs).


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For the workout videos ShapeYOU brought me together with Alon Gabbay. He is a great guy – really aesthetic and he loves the lifestyle just as I do. To do the workouts with Alon was really awesome. Everybody has got some special workout tips and tricks – so the training session was very interesting and helpful for me.

These #BeLEGEND videos really have shown me why fitness and bodybuilding is such a great sport. You come along great with every athlete you meet because everyone has the same passion.

This workout video I did with Alon Gabbay is a combination of “chest and shoulders”. When I know that I will miss one training day in my week I do this combination. I hate it when I miss a workout but it happens sometimes because of my job as a fitness model. My chest and shoulders are both strong parts of my body and due to that reason it is okay for me to combine those workouts.

The arm workout I did with Alon Gabbay was a real battle. I love to train arms because you can really push the limits and make those muscles burn.

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