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Ross Dickerson Training

Der „ROSSCUT“ ist Ross Dickerson persönliches zweimonatiges Definitions-Programm. Es ist eine Kombination aus intensiven Supersätzen und präziser Ernährung, was dir garantiert endlich shredded zu werden.

Ross Dickerson ist mittlerweile ein sehr bekanntes Gesicht in der Fitnessszene. Er begeistert seine Fans mit einer fantastischen Transformation seines Körpers. Viele fragen ihn, wie er es geschafft habe immer motiviert und stets am Ball zu bleiben, um einen solch definierten Körper aufzubauen.


Ross Dickerson for more motivation while training shoulders

On day 5 you train your shoulders. Large shoulders are the dream of every man, but even of many women. Ross weeknesses are his shoulders, as he said himself, but that does not mean, that he stays unmotivated. He trains them as much as possible and put all his effort into them.

How to train the shoulders?

Make your weekspot to your strengthpoint! The shoulders are trained from different angels and with a superset system, so all three shoulderareas (Front, middle and back) are completely checked off. Train with less repeats. With the isolation excercises you increase the intensity. It is important to feel your body to 100%. Think of the mind-muscle-connection. Think of the muscle you want to move and try to move only this one as precise as possible.

Ross Dickerson shoulder training

The shoulder day contains of different exercises for burdening the muscles from different angles. The 5. Day of "ROSSCUT" is structured as seen:

  1. Excercise: Dumbbell Shoulder Press in superset with sidelifting
    4 Sets / 10 – 12 Repeats 
  2. Excercise: Dumbbell Lateral Raises
    4 Sets / 15 Repeats
  3. Excercise: Ez-Bar Upright Row in superset with front raises
    4 Sets 10 – 12 Repeats 
  4. Excercise: Plate front Raises
    4 Sets / 15 Repeats 
  5. Excercise: Single Arm Shoulder Press
    3 Sets / every side 12 Repeats
  6. Excercise: Wide Grip Upright Row
    3 Sets / 12 Repeats
  7. Excercise: Dumbbell Bent over Lateral Raises
    5 Sets / 10 Repeats 
  8. Excercise: Shruggs
    4 Sets / 12 – 15 Repeats

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