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Ross Dickerson Ernährung

Der „ROSSCUT“ ist Ross Dickerson persönliches zweimonatiges Definitions-Programm. Es ist eine Kombination aus intensiven Supersätzen und präziser Ernährung, was dir garantiert endlich shredded zu werden.

Ross Dickerson ist mittlerweile ein sehr bekanntes Gesicht in der Fitnessszene. Er begeistert seine Fans mit einer fantastischen Transformation seines Körpers. Viele fragen ihn, wie er es geschafft habe immer motiviert und stets am Ball zu bleiben, um einen solch definierten Körper aufzubauen.


Which diet is the best for me?

Ross says, that everybody should find his own way and find out, which diet serves the best. One cannot say that this diet is the best for one. Selfexperience is a keyword. It takes time finding the correct one. Everybody learns by mistakes, so nobody should frustrate, if the diet does not work as expected and planned.

Ross Dickerson Carb Cycling Plan:

Ross Dickerson discovered Carb Cycling for himself. In a repeating rhythm he consumes other types of carbohydrates ond varied days:

  1. Day - Monday (Legs + Cardio): High Carb Day
  2. Day - Tuesday (Chest): Medium Carb Day
  3. Day - Wednesday (Legs + Cardio): Low Carb Day
  4. Day - Thursday (Back): High Carb Day
  5. Day - Friday (Shoulders): Medium Carb day
  6. Day - Saturday (Arms + Cardio): Low Carb Day
  7. Day - Sunday (Free): Low Carb Day

When High Carb, when medium Carb and when Low Carb?

On Monday and Thursday are his High Carb Days, because he trains muscle groups which require the most energy. On a High Carb Day he increases the amount of carbohydrates. On Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday he reduces the carbohydrates lowly (Low Carb Day), because he trains small muscle groups as for example the abs or he has free.

Holding the calory amount lowly – Fats & Carbonhydrates

The whole calory amount stays equal on a few days in the week. Are the carbonhydrates reduced, the healthy fat consumption is increased so the daily calory amount stays the same.

Ross Dickerson Nutritionplan:

6 Meals + Bed Time Meal:

  1. Meal: Breakfast
  2. Meal: Protein Snack
  3. Meal: Protein Shake
  4. Meal: Complete Meal
  5. Meal: Protein Snack
  6. Meal: Complete Meal
  7. Meal: Bed Time Meal

Ross likes to eat protein snack, before and after training. On this way he does not eat to much and the digestion does not require too much energy but the body is still supplied.

Ross Dickerson Supplement Plan:

Ross Supplement Plan is comprehensible, he only takes three supplements. The important three ones here:

Whey Protein:
  • Morning
  • Post Workout (after Training)
  • Evening

Whey Protein is an important component for his daily nutrition. It helps to reach the albumen requirement for a day and to supply the muscles optimal.

  • Morning
  • Before- and after training

BCAAs supply your body with essential amino acids which help to grow and stabilize the musculature. Especially in the morning it helps to prevent catabolism (muscle degeneration).

  • 5g per Day

He starts with a classic loading phase and doses 5g creatine for duration per day. Creatine is for Ross a useful supplement.

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