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Justin St Paul Training


Was haben wir alle gemeinsam?
Wir lieben Fitness – wir lieben Kraftsport – das Gefühl, wenn die Muskeln brennen und man doch noch eine letzte Wiederholung macht – die Motivation immer ans Limit zu gehen und alles zu geben – den Blick in den Spiegel, den Fortschritt betrachtend. Wir sind die GAINSSOCIETY.
Wie in der Trainingsserie All In gibt Justin St Paul 100% und Johannes Luckas zeigt, wie man noch weiter gehen kann.


Train smart AND hard

"What do I have to do for big muscles?" The 5 best training tipps by Johannes Luckas and Justin St Paul are collected here. The message is clear: With the right attitude and motivation everybody is able to do it. Nobody says that it will be easy, but there is more than only lifting some heavy weights. Check this tipps out and "train smart AND hard".

No Brain – No Gain

Johannes Luckas always says: „We are doing bodybuilding – We are not in the gym for lifting senseless some heavy weights!“

One has to define a goal and make a plan for reaching it. Generally it is not wrong to workout with heavy weights, BUT it is more efficient to train precisely certain muscles. Heavy weights do not mean better results. The special word is "Mind-Muscle-Connection". At various exercises secondarly muscles always help to lift. With a clean technique you can precisely train the primarly muscles. For example you train chest AND shoulder while bench pressing. Of course there is no methode to train a certain muscle 100% precisely but if you learn to control the right muscle groups, you can get better results.

Training with a clean technique means that you will not be able to lift heavy weights but we are no power lifters, so do not worry. Our slogan is: "Focus on the movement, not on the weight! We work out our muscles – not our ego!”

Make those muscles burn!

The topic "Superset" is something Johannes likes.

The best known method for supersets is the "antagonist-training". That means that you train two muscles which are contrary to each other. For example arm bending and arm streching are antagonists. You can do the sets switching from one exercise to another woithout pause because you only burden one of the two muscles. While training the other one, the first one can relax.

For our "Gains Society" training we choose the "Pre-Exhaustion" variant for supersets. It leads your muscles to their limits and you will feel an extremely pump effect. "Pre-Exhaustion" means, that your musculature is burdened by an isolation exercise and then burdened by strength exercises for the same muscles again. You can for example use the cable-crossover for your chest and then bench pressing.

You will not be able to lift your maximal weights, but you will feel your muscles burning and that stimulates the growth.

Justin St Paul und Johannes Luckas

Supply your muscle with pump

An extremely pump effect is something everybody wants, but what is this "pump"? Pump is that feeling when your muscles are bulgingly filled and your venes look like worms under your skin.

When you burden your muscles, they need oxygen and other nutrients. It is also necessary to drink enough for a good blood circulation. If you do not drink enough you will feel exhausted and you will not feel the pump.

So: The minimum for 1 hour of sport is 1 litre.

Cheating is allowed

Our goal is a dream body and that as quick as possible, so why should cheating be allowed?

We do not want to cheat but we want to go to the limit. At the end of each set you can make one till two "cheat reps". Generally we say "form over weight", but if you cannot lift above the dead point, you can get a little swing. This cheating is like a trainingpartner who pushes you with these last repeats to reach your limit. Only with that help you can make maximal progress.

The hardest exercise

Und last but not least our final tipp for all boys of Gains Society. An exercise, everybody should handle - the hardest exercise and the exercise everybody seems to forget: Rerack your fu$#ing weights! :D

Justin St Paul Workout
Justin St Paul Training
Gains Society Training with Justin St Paul

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