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Nutritiontipps of Justin St Paul and Johannes Luckas


Was haben wir alle gemeinsam?
Wir lieben Fitness – wir lieben Kraftsport – das Gefühl, wenn die Muskeln brennen und man doch noch eine letzte Wiederholung macht – die Motivation immer ans Limit zu gehen und alles zu geben – den Blick in den Spiegel, den Fortschritt betrachtend. Wir sind die GAINSSOCIETY.
Wie in der Trainingsserie All In gibt Justin St Paul 100% und Johannes Luckas zeigt, wie man noch weiter gehen kann.


Old school diet - Eat like Arnold!

Who loves bodybuilding, does not do it as a normal hobby. It is done a a passion and lifestyle. A healthy nutrition is an important program point. We focus on sustainability while getting results. Weight-loss in an excessive way can be unhealthy and leads to failure because of the lack of motivation and the danger of the jojo-effect.

Nevertheless there are phase in life where you have to use drastic methods.

In this article we present "maximal fatburning" in eight weeks. The personaltrainer Johannes Luckas is representant of the "old-school-diet" with which he has had the biggest successes. (check out his youtube channel). The nutrition is not varied and fun has another definition, but it works!

„Old school“ means: Food has not to taste – it has to work!

This diet slogan „Get ready for stage - Eat like Arnold!“ is simple and functional: High Protein with high calory deficit.

What does that mean? We will explain it now so keep reading.

Justin St Paul

First: Make a Plan! (“The Harris-Benedict-Equation”)

Even if the "old school diet" is easy and functional, you have to think about it for preparing yourself. One says "who wants to lose weight, has to eat less calories during the day." - „it’s all about the calories!“. At the beginning you have to know your own calory household per day. The topic "Energy - Basic turnover and work turnover" is an independent topic. Everyone should know more about it (on the following page you can read about it: Harris Benedict Formula). Nutrition is coppled with strength exercises and cardio so keep in mind, that you must always analyse counting these aspects in for losing the last fat reserves with a higher calory usage.

After calculating the own calory household, it is simply easy. The maximal possible goal is fatburning with 1kg per week. A daily energy deficit of 1000kcal are 7000kcal calculated per week. The body has to access bodyfat for working. Fat has an energy density of 9,3kcal/g so the weekly calory usage has to be reduced by about 9300kcal for a weight-loss of 1kg. The body uses about 300kcal per day for digestion (2100kcal per week) what makes an energy deficit of "1000kcal per day" easier for the 1kg weight-loss per week. Further weight-loss is not fatburning, it is water-loss, so do not trust your balance when it shows more weight-loss.

Live and love the lifestyle!

Eating 1000kcal less per day under that what your body needs, is not recommended for a long time. At the end there could be the jojo-effect. Thats why you have to continue your nutrition, even after diet. While diet you will feel side effects like fluctuations, exhaustion and restless sleep. You will also feel an increased craving for carbonhydrates.

Who wants it, can do this "old school diet! The nutrition is not varied and on the fokus stands the consumption of animal proteins, like chickenflesh, cow and eggs. Carbonhydrates are not allowed before going to bed.

Johannes Luckas & Justin St Paul - Gains Society

Old school diet - Full day of eating

A typical nutrition day of Johannes Luckas could be:

After waking up:

„Wake-Up-Shake“ – see Gainssociety Supplements


60 g oatmeal + 500 ml eggwhite + cinnamon + sweetener

Grean tea and/or coffee

Snack for physically exhausting work:

10g BCAAs


50-100g Rice (weight without cooking) + 300 g chicken (alternative: lean cowflesh) + 100 g broccoli

After training:

“Post-Workout-Shake”– see Gainssociety Supplements


Often about 50g Rice (weight without cooking) + 300 g chicken + 100 g broccoli

Before going to bed:

300g chicken + 10g omega 3 oil

PS: Keep in mine that these are quantities for Johannes Luckas (105kg competition weight - 130kg off-season weight). Everybody has to calculate the specifig quantity for his/her body including the calory household per day.

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