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You want to be successful, but how badly do you really want it? Are you willing to do everything you can? Are you willing to be "ALL IN"

You can achieve that physique you've always dreamt of, but you have to be willing to work for it. Consistently training right and eating right, day in and day out, being persistent until you reach your goals!

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Justin St. Paul - ALL IN Philosophy

Justin St. Paul - WBFF Muscle Model Pro

As a child sport already was a passion for me. In school I participated in various sport courses like Rugby and Football. I started training about five years ago.

The important knowledge is regularity and passion. You also have to know your body and accept to learn more, even if you already bring knowledge. With enough experience you can get first results Know what your body needs and how your training plan should look alike and you will make further steps to your goal.

Fitness-Tipps von Justin St Paul

My advice is to not skip training sessions and not to overwhelm yourself. Everybody starts at a certain point. With enough passion you can do it and reach your goals. Notice proportions, train every muscle group and do not be arrogant when you notice first results.

There is no perfect nutrition plan. Everybody has to find out and decide for themselves. Find your own way!

Do not forget, that there are always natural limits. Everybody is able to do a certain performance. Do not compare and find your own speed and rhythm. With good nutrition, the right plan and healthy motivation you will reach your goal.

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