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Jeff Seid Nutrition plan


#IRONLOVE beschreibt das Gefühl mit jeder Wiederholung seinem Ziel einen Schritt näher zu kommen. Wiederholung für Wiederholung! Schritt für Schritt! Es geht nicht darum besser, stärker oder schöner als jemand anderes zu sein. Es geht allein darum besser zu sein, als das „gestrige Ich“. Das Ziel ist jeden Tag besser zu werden. Ständiger Fortschritt ist unsere Motivation! „Be better than you were yesterday!“

#IRONLOVE Nutrition by Jeff Seid & Felix Valentino

Like we already mentioned, you will keep the same weight if you eat exactly that amount of calories, your burn during your day. If you are interested in losing body fat Felix and Jeff recommend to eat about 200 calories less than your total metabolism. Losing weight and body fat in a slow progress is much healthier than doing it too fast. The same thing if you want to gain muscles. Don´t eat too many calories above your total metabolism because that will also increase your body fat.

Macro Nutrients Balance

The next step is to find out how to eat these calories. The key-word is the balance of your macro nutrients! Like we already mentioned there are many ways to reach one´s goal!

We want to concentrate on our example where the goal was to burn body fat and keep the muscles! Jeff is used to cut with a macro nutrients allotment of 40% Carbohydrates, 40% Proteins and 20% Fats. However these are not fixed numbers. If you want to add muscles Jeff recommends 1g fats per kg bodyweight and about 2-2,5 g protein per kg bodyweight. The remaining calories will be carbs.
Finally we want to add that especially in the case of a diet there are many ways to reach your goal! Felix Valentino is a big fan of carb-cycling! So in the following paragraph we want to explain this method…


Carb-Cycling means you kick permanent your metabolism at full blast! Detailed information about carb cycling will follow soon…

Jeff Seid
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