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Trainingplan: 6 Day Split

In a 6 Day Split Trainingplan you have to train six times a week. It is recommended for advanced and profis. You should at least have two years of training experiences. It is necessary to have a certain mass and a good knowledge about training.

How does a 6 Day Split Trainingplan look like?

Specially before competition diets sportists make use of the 6 Day Split, so the metabolism gets stimulated and the body burns extremly much fat within a week.

You only focus on one muscle group per day and you can use high loads for a higher intensity. You use this split for the high intensive training.

Find the 6 Day Split Trainingplan, that serves you

In the video series you can see how such a plan can look like and which excercises an be combinend with which, to experience new incentives for the optimal muscle gaining.


ROSSCUT with Ross Dickerson

In the Ross Cut workout series, Ross Dickerson goes beyond his limits and tell a lot about nutrition and supplementation.

6 Days Workout Split (Chest/Chest/Abdomen/Back/Shoulders/Arms)

Heart of a Champion Workout Series

Mister International and IFBB Pro Ryan Terry and ShapeYOU athlete as well as fitnessmodell Felix Valentino present to you their 12 week workout series. This power plan will demand all you have and makes you a champion.

12 Week 5 Days Workout Split + Full Body Circuit

#BeLegend mit Sergi Constance

Bodybuilding and fitness is a perfect way for being prepared for life. You will see, that hard work and willpower pay off...


The Sexy Way

IFBB Teilnehmerin as well as bikini and fitnessmodel Nina Eckert presents to you her workout for getting the perfect body.

Split Workout Series with Cardio units

Think Big

Doubly bodybuilding junior worldchampion Tim Budesheim presents to you his 12 weeks plan, which is separated in building and definition phases.

4 Days Building- and 6 Days Definitions Split
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