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Basics für eine gesunde und ausgewogene Ernährung

Tipps for your supplementation

An easy way to loose weight and gain muscles

The market is full of supplements, which can help you to reach your goals faster. More and more athletes consume special supplements to get a better regeneration, faster weight loss or faster muscle gain.

You can use supplements to balace your nutrition or just as an addition to your normal nutrition. Many supps like protein bars or shakes can be easily consumed on the way and supply your body with nutrients during the day. You do not have to be an athlete to use the supplements. Even beginners can consume supplements no matter of gender.

The optimal dosage - What do i need?

The question which supplements and what a regualr dosage looks like, depend on your goals and your finencial resources. The video guide "Fitness Education" will help you to learn the basics about the supplements.

Learn all about supplementation

Recommended Supplements by Team ShapeYOU

Sportler Empfehlen

Are you looking for the perfect supplements? The team shapeyou Athletes tried out many supplements and will share their recommendations based on ther personal experience.

Recommended by Athletes

Fitness Education with Stephanie Davis and Felix Valentino

Fitness Education

What are macro nutrients and why is the macro nutrient ratio of your nutrition so important for your workout?
Stephanie Davis is going to solve these questions together with Felix Valentino in the Fitness Education video guide.

Fitness Education

Protein Calculator

Find out the right amount of Protein for your body.

Protein Calculator

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