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Tipps for a healthy Nutrition

Nutrition Tipps by Professionals

We want to make you fit in terms of nutrition. What means, that you are going to learn some basics about nutrition. Our Athletes like Markus Rühl, Tim Budesheim and Nina Eckert are going to give you some basics about nutrition, bodybuilding, diets and more. You will find out how important it is to know your daily calorie requirements in order to balance your nutrition. Only with a proper nutrition you will be successfull and get the body of your dreams.

Learn more about fitness nutrition

Fitness Education with Stephanie Davis and Felix Valentino

Fitness Education

What are macro nutrients and why is the macro nutrient ratio of your nutrition so important for your workout?
Stephanie Davis is going to solve these questions together with Felix Valentino in the Fitness Education video guide.

Fitness Education

Harris Benedict Formula by Steve Cook

Steve Cook explains how to enchance your nutrition with the Harris Benedict Formula.

Harris Benedict Formula

Macro nutrient ratio by Steve Cook

Steve Cook gives some tipps for a optimum nutrition and how to stay strong.

Macro nutrient ratio

All about proper nutrition

In order to get your body in shape the training by itself is not going to be enough. A balanced and healthy nutrition is very important as well...

Proper nutrition

Is there a reason for supplements?

What is the supplementation all about and are fitness supplements worth it for non athletes as well?

A reason for supplements?

Typical nutrition mistakes

The main factors of bodybuilding success are training, nutrition and regeneration and of these leave plenty of room for mistakes...

Typical nutrition mistakes