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Nutrition is an often underestimated training factor

Even the best workout is not going to lead to success, if you are not supporting your body with appropriate ammount of nutrients. It is important to learn the basics before starting a new bodybuilding campaign. Take your time to learn the basics and you will reach your goals even faster!

Top fitness recipes and basic nutrition knowledge

Delicious recipes


Easy Cooking and baking! We will show you how to make delicious food by yourself. Sports aware and healthy recpes are awaiting you, which can be created with simple ingredients and can be adapted to your own taste.

Let us show you some new ideas and get inspired by your Stars. Discover many healthy and delicious meals with a great variety!

Jeff Seid´s recipes

Jeff Seid shows an easy and fast way to create a fitness aware meal.

Jeff's recipes >>

Harry´s Smoothies

Harry Irorutola shows you how to make delicious shakes with different ingredients

Harry's Smoothies >>

Guenter Schlierkamp´s recipes

Günter Schlierkamp, one of the most successfull german bodybuilder, shows you how bake a fintess aware cake and cookies

Günter Schlierkamp´s recipes >>

Nutrition Basics

The basics of nutrition

We show you what a proper nutrition during fitness is all about and offer you a foundation to increase your knowledge.

Goals like building up muscles, loosing weight or simply staying fit through proper nutrition and the way there the things we are trying to show here in the most detailed way.

Fitness Eduaction

Fitness Education by Stehpanie Davis and Felix Valentino is made for beginners. You will find all about fitness and nutrition you have to know in order to begin your training

Fitness Education >>

Steeve Cook shows with the Harris Benedict formula how to adjust your nutrition in order to reach your goals faster.

Harris Benedict Formula >>

Water supply during workout

Daniel Gildner expains why a prober water supply is so important during your workout and tells which drinks are ideal for that purpose.

Water supply during workout >>

Fitness Calculators

Fitness Calculators

Our calculators give you a better overview over your body and help you to optimize your workouts and nutrition. Calculate your 1 Rep Maximum Power, find out how the optimum macro nutrient distribution looks like and see how much protein you should consume daily to reach your goals.

1 Rep Max Calculator

Calculate the maximum weight you can lift with the 1 Rep Max Calculator.

1 Rep Max Calculator >>

Protein Calculatorr

How much protein should you consume daily? With the Protein Calculator it is esasy to find out!

Protein Calculator >>

Calorie Calculator

Find out how much Energy your body needs daily to reach your goals.

Calorie Calculator >>




Jeff Seid's Tuna Salad Rezept


Jeff Seid's Protein Pancake


Jeff Seid's High Protein Omelette


Jeff Seid's High Protein Blueberry Shake


Stephanie Davis' sexy Frühstück


Harry's Erdbeer-Vanille Smoothie


Harry's Schoko-Minz Smoothie


Harry's Waldbeer-Mix Smoothie


Harry's Joghurt-Mango Smoothie


Harry's Blaubeer-Quark Smoothie

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