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ShapeYOU Inside

The best Athletes and their workout, nutrition & motivation

Here you find everything about Team ShapeYOU and our bodybuilding & fintess friends you ever wanted to know. You can get some personal expressions in our Youtube-Channel ShapeYOU Vloggt. For example like Felix Valentino's Chestday, Stephanie Davis foto shooting or Harry Irorutola's first international competition. We let you get a closesr look behind the scenes on your own. Furthermore you get all information about our previous and future live events like "The Camp" or meet & greets.

Learn more about Jeff Seid, Ryan Terry and other top athletes

Team ShapeYOU


Here you get all Information about our TEAM ShapeYOU Athletes! Signalments, Tips and Workout plans...

Felix Valentino Team ShapeYOU athlete Felix Valentino is a covermodel and helps other people as an online coach

Felix Valentino >>

Steve Cook The athlete Steve cook is sponored by Optimum Nutrition and is regulary participating at competitions.

Steve Cook >>

Ryan Terry Ryan Terry hat den IFBB Pro TItel und hat als erster Europäer am Olympia Men's Physique Finale teilgenommen und dort den 4. Platz belegt.

Ryan Terry >>


ShapeYOU and Friends

Many great names of the Fitness and Bodybuilding Industry from all over the World already have worked together with ShapeYOU. Here you will find more Information, Workout plans and signalments of Names like Steve Cook, Kai Greene and many more...

Stephanie Davis & Felix Valentino Stephanie Davis is a IFBB bikini model sponsored by Weider

Stephanie Davis >>

Jaco De Bruyn Fitness was always Jaco De Bruyn's passion. He finds it very important to share his experience with others.
Jaco De Bruyn >>

Sergi Constance The Bodybuilding athlete Sergi Constance has been the winner of the Men Physique I.F.B.B in Spain multiple times.
Sergi Constance >>

ShapeYOU Live

Shape-YOU Live

You already know our Athletes from our Videos and Workout-series and want to meet our Athletes?! No Problem! Meet TEAM ShapeYOU at one of our Events...

ShapeYOU Live FIBO Power with Stephanie Davis, Justin St Paul, Ryan Terry, the Harrision twins, Sergi Constance and more.
FIBO 2015 >>

Jeff Seid in Deutschland The youngest IFBB pro of all times Jeff Seid live in Germany.

Jeff Seid in Germany >>

Fibo Messe 2014 ShapeYOU at FIBO 2014 with Jeff Seid, Alon Gabbay, Felix Valentino other Team ShapeYOU athletes
FIBO 2014 >>

ShapeYOU Vloggt


Here you find all Vlogs of our TEAM ShapeYOU Athletes and see how they act behind the scenes. Learn more about the Lifestyle of Fitness...